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Mobile Warming Apparel Now Available!!

Here is a new brand we just added to the website, Mobile Warming.

MOBILE WARMING® was designed with outdoor enthusiasts in mind; the range of applications is wide-spread including skiing, hunting, hiking, fishing, motorcycling and just everyday use. Mobile Warming’s break through technology gives unprecedented heating and warmth for an entire day at the touch of a button exceeding the heat transmitted by any other form of insulation available in outerwear today.

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NEW!! Cobra 2-into-1 PowerPro Exhaust for 07-Up Sportsters

Cobra has created what may be the best 2-into-1 pipe ever built. Its beauty comes from a fresh traditional design, and it has the kind of modern features no other 2-into-1 pipe has. It shines with triple-chromed, full-length heat shields, and has a unique and stunning collector heat shield so there are no visible welds in this collector area. The megaphone uses exclusive technology inside it to eliminate the chances of the muffler ever turning blue. On top of that, because of the hundreds of man hours we spent in the dyno room the PowerPro 2-into-1 produces class-leading horsepower from the moment you install it and roll on the throttle.

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Sound Clip of the new Cobra 2-Into-1 PowerPro for 07-Up Sportsters.

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SpeedyMoto’s SportClassic 1000
We now carry SpeedyMoto Products!

SpeedyMoto’s SportClassic 1000

We now carry SpeedyMoto Products!

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SpeedyMoto Now Available @ Phat Performance Parts

We now a proud dealer for SpeedyMoto products!!! SpeedyMoto makes very high quality billet accessories and one of best sliders on the market for Ducati’s.  You can see some of their parts on our GT1000 in previous posts.

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Ride-On Tire Balancer & Sealant

Here is a new product to protect your tires.  Ride-On TPS (Tire Protection System) is a tire balancer and sealant compound that evenly coats the inner surface of tires.

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New tires from MotoZ have been released.  DOT Approved!!

Desert H/T DOT

Enduro I/T DOT

Kuryakyn “BLACK” Series

Kuryakyn has just released their new product line called “Black”, simple enough…As we’ve seen the industry’s trends change, it’s safe to say black is the new chrome…

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